Word of the day: INVAGINATE

Heard this one on WNYC, and it’s really a word!. From Mirriam-Webster:

Pronunciation: in-‘va-j&-“nAt
Function: verb

  2. to fold in so that an outer becomes an inner surface

About joshcomix
Brooklyn-based cartoonist specializing in nonfiction comics about topics like Hurricane Katrina, the media, travel, and finance.

9 Responses to Word of the day: INVAGINATE

  1. man_size says:

    Get. Out. Of. The. House!

  2. 4_eyez says:

    i am unfamiliar with this term “M.A.S.H.” you can’t possibly mean “M*A*S*H”?!?
    anyway, who’s this chick you’re watching “M*A*S*H” with? sounds like someone i’d like to know better.
    *wink wink*

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