“Rolling Stone” goes “A.D.”

Rolling Stone was the first non-sports magazine I really got into. I loved its spiritual/historical connection to the 60s, and its mixture of music coverage, film reviews, and news. I even subscribed to the magazine during college, and for a few years afterward. I eventually moved on to other mags, but Rolling Stone will always hold a special place in my heart.

So that history is what really excites me about RS mentioning A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge in its latest (40th anniversary, May 3–17, 2007) issue. “Mentioning” is the key term: A.D. is cited in the “On The Web” section, and strangely it’s the only item without a picture. (Gee, a serialized web-comic — wouldn’t want to see a sample image or anything…) The reviewer also seems to have only read the prologue, as he implies the comic is entirely wordless. Oh, and they never mention my name.

But otherwise I’m thrilled!

Here’s the full text of the mention (I bought the issue so you wouldn’t have to):

Wake of the Flood
Much has been said on the news about Hurricane Katrina. But A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge does something new: This graphic novel’s stunning panels silently retell the harrowing experience of what it was like to live through the disaster.

Meanwhile, I’m hard at work on chapter 3, which should be up by the beginning of next week…


About joshcomix
Brooklyn-based cartoonist specializing in nonfiction comics about topics like Hurricane Katrina, the media, travel, and finance.

6 Responses to “Rolling Stone” goes “A.D.”

  1. 4_eyez says:

    thanks, dood. i know i shouldn’t look in that proverbial horse’s mouth.
    and, hey, at least a.d. doesn’t have to compete with ann coulter!

  2. I see the first quote for the book jacket:
    Rolling Stone—”Stunning.”

  3. dlasky says:

    media <3's comics
    Congrads!!! TIME and the rest can’t be far behind.
    Keep up the good work!

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