Labor? Pre-labor?

Finally! Sari started having real contractions today. Poor thing, they were brought on by a touch of the stomach flu, and some stomach cramping, but they were real by-gosh contractions. About ten minutes apart, and pretty strong, lasting about four minutes each. Sari powered through each one like a trooper. She vocalized, I vocalized — it was just like a high school pep rally!

Our doc, however, was a little concerned to hear Sari wasn’t feeling the baby moving during all this, so she had us go to the hospital, just to make sure everything was okay. We spent a couple of hours there while they did the fetal monitor/ultrasound thing. Everything is fine, of course, but Sari’s not the least bit dilated, so they sent us home.

The contractions kept going through all this, even as we were heading out to find a car service, so there were multiple pauses along the way as Sari dealt with the pain. At one point, as we were leaning against a wall in a hallway, Sari was transfixed by one of those cheesy pieces of generic art you see in hospitals and motels everywhere. It was a neon-colored pastel landscape in the “Fauvist” style, and in her compromised state, Sari thought it was the most wonderful thing she’d ever seen!

After our little art appreciation moment, I got her in a cab, headed back to our place, and put the exhausted gal to bed. Now the contractions seem to have subsided, hopefully to let her sleep through the night. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they start up again tomorrow, and we get to go back to the hospital for real (once they become more regular and closer together).

That’s my hope. We’re looking forward to meeting our kiddie!!


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Brooklyn-based cartoonist specializing in nonfiction comics about topics like Hurricane Katrina, the media, travel, and finance.

8 Responses to Labor? Pre-labor?

  1. rojagato says:

    Courage, peace, and a good REST to you all.

  2. man_size says:

    Which hospital?

  3. s
    so exciting too bad she has the flu too.
    i think that the worst part of labor for me will be the waiting. im also so scared that i will get stuck in nyc traffic or like in a train tunnel and some crazy bag lady will have to deliver my baby.
    hope that little kid comes out soon!

  4. purvision says:

    Great news! My thoughts are with you both.

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