Those Cali Wildfires are Serious!

I was just asked by the Red Cross if I would be available to deploy out there for three weeks. If they’re taking disaster responders from the East Coast, then they are really hurting.

Even though the fires are sweeping through the counties north of San Diego where I grew up, I have to decline the invitation to respond this time around. New babies (and A.D. deadlines) do that to a man.

It’s someone else’s turn this time.


About joshcomix
Brooklyn-based cartoonist specializing in nonfiction comics about topics like Hurricane Katrina, the media, travel, and finance.

2 Responses to Those Cali Wildfires are Serious!

  1. purvision says:

    A half-million people out of their homes, 1000s holed up in a superdome asking for more blankets and cots and freshwater…
    We need to get better at this than we are, I think.

    • 4_eyez says:

      Yes. I feel like this is another round in the eternal battle of humankind vs. nature. As with the Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, nature wins again.

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