Video viruses I recently caught

And have to pass on, BECAUSE THEY’RE SO DAMN FUNNY!!!

Yes, most of these have been floating ’round the interweb for years, and some aren’t video, but they’re new to me. And maybe you haven’t been inoculated yet either…

The zombie kid with the turtle obsession. Listen to this and then cue up Johnny Cash doing “The Man Comes Around” from American IV. Brrrr. (P.S. The reporter’s stunned reaction is priceless.) Thanks to benchilada for giving me this one.
Playmobil Security Check Point. Playmobil seems intent on representing all sides of our legal system in toy form, everything from airport security to police radar stations, from safecrackers to SWAT choppers.
The Vader Sessions. Did you know Darth Vader appeared in a number of 70s blaxploitation flicks? Dig it.
Write this..or that..or maybe…” Brit comedians Mitchell & Webb do a hilarious spin on an editorial meeting.
The Internet is for Porn. Before Phoebe (and A.D.), I played a lot of World of Warcraft. So much so that I thought this was brilliant. (Only later did I find out the song is actually from the Broadway puppet musical Avenue Q.)
• In the category of cute animal stories, I’m reduced to expressions of “awwwwww” by the tales of Owen and Mzee and the grateful lion.
• And, finally, this. I don’t care what the image’s provenance is, and whether it’s PhotoShopped or what. It just makes me giggle. Every time I see it. See? (Thanks to man_size for sending me this one.)


About joshcomix
Brooklyn-based cartoonist specializing in nonfiction comics about topics like Hurricane Katrina, the media, travel, and finance.

6 Responses to Video viruses I recently caught

  1. mildmannered says:

    The guy’s expression is priceless, but what makes it funny to you? the fact that he’s mugging for the camera, or the fact that he’s wearing a helmet? are you laughing at or with him?

  2. heh heh!
    this photo made me laugh out loud.
    (i’m glad to see other people agree or i’d certainly be convinced i’ve lost some brain cells!)

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