Portrait by Seth Kushner

Brooklynites author and freelance photographer Seth Kushner shot my portrait today, for his new project on New York City cartoonists. (man_size , purvision, dangoldman , zegas, bertozzi , and heartshapedkey are some of the previous subjects of Kushner’s lens.) Kudos to purvision for suggesting Seth shoot me in the context of a stoop sale (which—in honor of A.D.—I gave a strong New Orleans flavor). I don’t normally photograph well, but I love the way this image came out. I really dig Seth’s dramatic lighting and desaturated colors; believe it or not, this image was shot on a lovely sunny spring day. Anyway, click on the photo if you’d like to see a larger version. And thanks again, Seth!


About joshcomix
Brooklyn-based cartoonist specializing in nonfiction comics about topics like Hurricane Katrina, the media, travel, and finance.

14 Responses to Portrait by Seth Kushner

  1. iconotrast says:

    Damn! I missed your stoop sale AGAIN!!

    • 4_eyez says:

      I forgot to mention your wind-swept doggy portrait! Very nice
      P.S. We’re having our annual stoop sale this time on Sat., May 31, at 241 Carroll St.

  2. wjcohen says:

    you are getting the reputation as the nation’s foremost expert on stoop sales!

  3. bobo_dreams says:

    I love this photo so much. Well, I love all of the photos that Seth does. Just beautiful.

  4. purvision says:

    Hey, LOOK! Glad it worked out. I’d been talking to Seth and he mentioned he was going to shoot you soon but didn’t know what to do for a setup. I remembered an ancient LJ post you had about stoop-sales and he liked the idea…

    • 4_eyez says:

      It was a great idea! And it was perfect for evoking the chaos of a hurricane-swept landscape after the storm swept through. Very meta. Thanks again, Leland

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great shot, Josh. Love the Mardi Gras beads! Thanks for sending me the copy of your acutely observed “Katrina Came Calling.”. Did I ever give you a copy of my book, “Flea Market America”? If not, give me a shout. As a stoop sale man, you’d definitely appreciate it……Cree

  6. lordrexfear says:

    Damn, that’s just so you and so perfect. The casualness and calm of it instead of usually very excited and ominous feeling of Seth’s photos (which I also enjoy) gives it a great strength.

  7. dlasky says:

    Great Photo!
    I also looked through his other cartoonist photos. Good stuff! I esp liked Gabrielle Bell’s. He captured something of her intensity.

    • 4_eyez says:

      Yeah, Seth really works with the artist to find the right milieu to help the subject get into “character”… as themselves

  8. Anonymous says:

    She either has given birth or has a very good idea what it entails. Social customs being what they are, she’s probably cleaned more messes – done more laundry, more dishes, more toilets.

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