Get your BIG FEMINIST BUT original art right here—cheap!

Plug, Work

Playmate and Me p. 3Cartoonists/Editrixes Joan Reilly and Shannon O’Leary are the geniuses behind the upcoming anthology The Big Feminist But, recently funded on KickStarter. (Woo-hoo!) The collection of feminist comics features contributors like Hope Larson, Jeffrey Brown, Vanessa Davis, Emily Flake, Shaenon Garrity, Justin Hall, Ron Rege, Lauren Weinstein, Liz Baillie, Abby Denson, Jesse Reklaw, Kat Roberts, and Dylan Williams. It also¬†includes a brand-new collaboration of mine and Sari’s (she wrote it and I drew it) loosely based on her experiences as a fact-checker for Playboy Magazine. It’s a nice piece, if I do say. But, anyway, one of the Kickstarter pledge levels features an original page from the story (previewed at right)! Here’s the full pitch:

Pledge $125 or more
ADDITIONAL ART COLLECTOR AWARD! A piece of original comics art from Sari Wilson and Josh Neufeld’s story, “Playmate and Me,” plus a special bookplate edition of The Big Feminist BUT signed personally to you from the editors, a sketched-in copy of Pet Noir, a PDF of the book, and your name in the Acknowledgements.

All for the measly price of $125! So even though the project is fully funded (again: Woo-hoo!) you can still buy the original page and all the other goodies mentioned above.

But (excuse the pun!)—there are only five days left. So act now, and don’t risk regretting your inaction for the rest of your life!

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