ACT-I-VATE: Past Perfect Progressive in Prague

Following in my pals bertozzi and man_size‘s footsteps, I did a strip about my “worst job ever.” The piece also happens to be printed in today’s NYC, Boston, and Philly editions of the free daily paper, Metro. Check it out over at act-i-vate

act-i-vate: What’s The Difference?

What's the Difference?

Father McKenzie’s sermon redux/colorized

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Mr. Met act-i-vates AGAIN

Mr. Met part II

Mr. Met act-i-vates

In commemoration of the new baseball season…

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act-i-vate wave 2

party this saturday

GREAT illo by zegas, but why do I always end up standing next to the stinky guy?

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Father Figures, Part II

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wave two…

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act-I-vate: Father Figures, part I

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[“Father Figures,” part I]


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