A.D. goes Dutch

I’m excited to announce that A.D. will be translated into Dutch! The upstart publisher De Vliegende Hollander (The Flying Dutchman) is going to be releasing A.D. in The Netherlands some time next year. (They have also done Dutch translations of Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Y the Last Man, Stitches, and Logicomix, among others, so I’m in good company.) 

I find it only fitting that an Amsterdam-based publisher would relate to my story of broken levees and flooded cities: in 1953 the Netherlands was flooded when the dikes protecting the southwest of the country were breached by the joint onslaught of hurricane-force winds and exceptionally high spring tides. The flood came in the night without warning, killing 1,835 people. Their very own Katrina… 50 years earlier.



Recently, Phoebe has discovered the word (and concept) "baby." Wherever she sees a baby — in real life, in books, on TV, on her jars of food, even photos of herself — she yells out "bay-beeeee!" She’s totally fixated.

The funniest thing, though, is she thinks pictures of balding old men are babies too. Specifically, one of the guys running for President:

John McCain

Orkaan Katrina beangstigend goed verstript door Josh Neufeld!

Stripelmagazine — the "greatest comic webmagazine in Belgium and The Netherlands," according to their general director, Kurt Morissens — interviewed me for their latest issue. I’m excited to get some exposure in the home country of my biggest influence, Hergé. But… anyone know Dutch?

Word of the Day: BROOKIE

I dreamed this word up last night.

Pronunciation: \ˈbru\

Function: noun

  1. A person visiting the borough of Brooklyn for the first time
  2. A person who has just moved to the borough of Brooklyn

Example: “He thought taking the G train would actually be a quicker way to get to Williamsburg. What a brookie!”


My fortune from yesterday’s Chinese food: “Handsome is that handsome dose.”

Thank you?

Vocabulary Words Acquired in the Last Three Months

Cradle Cap • Burp Cloth • Onesie • Latch • Breast Friend • Fourth Trimester • Swaddle • Bugaboo • Activity Mat • Co-Sleeper • Pack-n-Play • Gripe Water

Word of the day: INVAGINATE

Heard this one on WNYC, and it’s really a word!. From Mirriam-Webster:

Pronunciation: in-‘va-j&-“nAt
Function: verb

  2. to fold in so that an outer becomes an inner surface